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At Learning Circle Australia, we are dedicated to providing quality Indigenous education that empowers communities. Through our programs and initiatives, we strive to create opportunities for everyone to discover the richness of Indigenous Australian culture. Join us in our mission to make a positive impact and create a brighter future for Australia.


What Can Learning Circle Offer You?

Unit of Work Years 7-10

Immerse your students in an 8-week English unit based on ‘The Last Daughter’ by Brenda Matthews, featuring meticulously designed lesson plans, engaging activities, exemplary content, and exclusive personal videos from Brenda herself.

Free Introductory Presentation

Our Free Introductory Presentation unravels the intricacies of each lesson, delving into engaging activities and providing you with essential insights.

Individual Resources (Coming Soon)

While we’ve been weaving our incredible units of work based on The Last Daughter book into schools, it’s time for more - a journey beyond the classroom. Learn more and start your own chapter. Stay tuned for this transformative journey! Anyone, Anywhere.


Hear from the Schools

It is a constant challenge in schools to find authentic, meaningful and engaging resources that successfully open the hearts and minds of our students regarding the history and ongoing struggles faced by our First Nations people in an inclusive and respectful way. 

Here at All Saints Anglican School we have been privileged to share a part of the journey of Brenda Matthews as she courageously embarked on a healing journey that was both intensely personal and representative of the collective trauma undergone by so many of our First Nations people. I challenge anyone to read Brenda’s book, ‘The Last Daughter’ without shedding a tear. 

A group of committed teachers and Brenda have spent many years developing as impressive a suite of resources as I have encountered to accompany and enhance the teaching of the text in schools. Together the book and these resources offer such an effective learning tool for our students and I recommend them to you without reservation.

Patrick S Wallas

Headmaster - All Saints Anglican School

Get to Know Us

Meet the Team

Get to know the talented individuals behind Learning Circle Australia.

Amy Matthews

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Mingaan in education, Amy is a qualified educator, who infuses her teaching expertise and cultural understanding into every resource created.

Brenda Matthews

Co-Founder & Director

Brenda, Mingaan to her story and accomplished author of "The Last Daughter," brings her profound insights and cultural knowledge to the resources.

Kiara Matthews

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Mingaan in education, Kiara is a qualified educator, who infuses her teaching expertise and cultural understanding into every resource created.

Mark Matthews


Mark, Galbuman to Brenda and The Last Daughter, and Director of Learning Circle, passionately brings his cultural understanding and connection to story and to the team.

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